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This was underscored with a fanfare announcing a brand new channel with appropriate pomp and purpose.
We keep the current best, địa chỉ eight out of the nine terms produced and địa chỉ cửa hàng a brand new invented term.
Or it may adopt brand new clothing, the objective of the playwright being invariably to throw light on today"s political order.
Some of them are brand new whereas others are structurally revised based upon newly discovered evidence.
Objects or constructions created from organic materials & used in daily life are of course beautiful when they are brand new.
Had they been trying khổng lồ follow up on the fast-expanding literature of the last years, they write, a brand new article would have been required.
Building a brand new theory in physics is certainly more demanding than changing a paradigm within the theory.
All the talk of a brand new telematic world masks the everincreasing polarisation of resources & means, in which women are the main losers.
In other words, different implementations even of the same domain name will require different tunings of the widening operators (or even, possibly, brand new widenings).
In the view of the most prominent critics, a brand new apparatus with no ties to the authoritarian past should have been mix up.
On the other hand, it should be noted that foreign-owned companies generally build brand new plants, và working conditions tend lớn be better than in similar national plants.

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the process of computers changing the way they carry out tasks by learning from new data, without a human being needing to lớn give instructions in the size of a program

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