Đánh giá bajaj pulsar rs200 2017

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2017 Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Engine

The same engine continues lớn vị duty in the 2017 Bajaj RS200. However, it now boasts of a BS-IV compliant engine. The bike will produce a maximum power of 25bhp và a torque of 19Nm. There is no change in the fuel injection unit và the performance and mileage remains the same. The liquid cooled 2017 Bajaj Pulsar RS200 is one of the best performing bikes and will continue khổng lồ be competitive sầu in its segment.

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The engine comes mated to a six-tốc độ gearbox. This is the faskiểm tra Bajaj xe đạp after the Dominar 400. The front brakes are bigger with a 300 milimet disc than the 280 mm found on the NS, rear brakes remain the same, with a 230mm disc. There is an option of ABS, which is very good news, as there are many higher priced international motorcycles in the market, who bởi not offer this feature at all.

2017 Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Specifications

Engine200cc, fuel injection
Power25 bhp 8000rpm
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2017 Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Design

The 2017 Pulsar RS200 minor updates. This includes two new paint shades. The alloy wheels remain the same but het a new xanh collar on the front wheel, to make it look sporty. The tyres also remain the same. The suspension too is the same, without any tweaks. The ride và handling characteristics of the bike have been good, though not the best. The 2017 Bajaj Pulsar RS200 will continue to lớn offer ABS. The regulations next year will make ABS mandatory as well. The improvisations Pulsar RS200 will make it a more desirable xe đạp.

The 2017 Pulsar RS200 only gets new colours as far as styling goes. The basic kiến thiết remains the same. The similar radical looks will continue. There are no changes lớn the fuel tank, seats and side panels. Even the fairing is the same.Also Read : Hero HX250 in the making

2017 Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Instrumentation

Instrumentation remains the same as the earlier Model. It includes a big analogue tachometer và a digital speedometer, with regular indicators of fuel, turn & high beam. The handlebar sits tall, has good grips with bar ends, the lever positioning is fine too. The rear view mirrors could have been of better chất lượng. They are actually worse than some entry màn chơi motorcycles.Also, the field of vision is very limited. The 13-litre fuel tank is well shaped & has good padding for thighs. Seats are comfortable, providing sufficient cushioning. Riding posture on the RS200 is quite upright, due khổng lồ the raised handlebar. This is not sporty but suits everyday riding.

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2017 Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Performance

The 2017 Bajaj Pulsar RS200 now comes with a BS-IV complaint engine. Coming khổng lồ the performance, the RS200, it weighs a full 20kgs more than the NS. However, in terms of refinement, the RS is a step forward, though little vibrations are present beyond 7000rpm. As far as acceleration is concerned, the 2017 Bajaj Pulsar RS200 is not in the league of the KTM RC 200, that punch is missing. What I enjoyed though was revving the xe đạp to hear the exhaust note. I liked it. It’s deep and sporty.The ride unique is good and the suspension thiết lập is optimal for tarmac as well as bad roads. Handling is not its forte & the xe đạp is not too agile, though straight line stability is good. The xe đạp that we had was a non-ABS version so couldn’t kiểm tra on that feature. However, the brakes provide adequate stopping power.

2017 Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Top Speed

The 2017 Bajaj Pulsar RS200 has a top speed of about 140km/hr. This is due to the fact that it has tall gearing.Also Read: Bajaj Dominar 400 Review

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2017 Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Colours

The 2017 Bajaj Pulsar RS200 comes in two new colors – Racing Blue and Graphite Blaông chồng colors. The xanh colour is very sporty & adds a lot of flair.

2017 Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Mileage

2017 Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Mileage

City30 km/l
Highway40 km/l
OVerall35 km/l
The 2017 Bajaj Pulsar RS200 will return a mileage of around 35km/l. In đô thị riding conditions it will return around 30-32km/l and on the highway it will return around 35-38km/l, depending on the way it is ridden.


The projector headlamps are powerful và add that extra glam lớn the RS200’s styling. This is the first full fairing xe đạp from Bajaj and will be one of the best Pulsars for sure, even the pricing is very aggressive. After speaking lớn the dealership, we learnt the ABS version has received more enquiries and bookings. This is a signal that customers are evolving fast and desire newer technologies.

2017 Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Dimensions

Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Dimensions

Length1999 mm
Width765 mm
Height1114 mm
Wheel base1355 mm
Ground Clearance157 mm
Fuel Tank12.5 litre