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My controller looks very used. I need to clean it. But I wanted to show that I vì use this controller often, though.

My controller

A Wireless Controller for Computer Games

In this article, I am going khổng lồ Reviews the Logitech F710 Wireless Controller. I use this controller almost every day khổng lồ play video clip games, và I have owned it for several years.

What Is the Logitech F710 Wireless Controller Like?

Controller Features

Two AA batteries power the controller.

The controller works with a USB receiver you plug into your computer. The controller came with a cord you can use lớn extend this receiver & get it closer to you.

There is a spot you can store the receiver inside the controller. Be sure to lớn use it! The receiver is very tiny & would be very easy to lớn chiến bại.

The controller also has a switch on the top to change between Xđầu vào and DirectInput.

DirectInput is the older way of managing controllers. Most modern games will use Xinput. It is nice lớn have to lớn option to get the controller working in very old games.

There is a button that also changes the main movement controls from the joystichồng khổng lồ the D-pad. This is very useful for some specific games.

What the Controller Looks Like

The controller resembles the PlayStation DualShochồng controller a lot. The button placement is very like the PlayStation Three DualShoông chồng controller.

The colors & letters on the buttons more resemble the Xbox controllers. The controller is a hybrid of a PlayStation Dualshoông xã & Xbox One controller.


This is the USB receiver and extension core.

My controller


This is the switch on the top of the controller that switches input methods.

My controller


This is a cthảm bại up picture of the Logitech F710 Buttons.

My controller

Why I Bought the Controller

I was using a Logitech F310 wired controller. I bought the wireless controller because I thought it would be more convenient.

I ended up breaking my Logitech F310 controller by dropping it too many times. I learned my lesson the hard way.

Don’t be me. Don’t be so clumsy & drop your controller so many times the shoulder buttons break.

I am currently only using the F710 wireless controller. I thought about buying another F310, but I like khổng lồ keep và use what I have sầu.

I currently use this controller to play Steam games on my Manjaro Linux computer.


Steam running on Manjaro Linux.

My computer

How Does the Controller Feel to lớn Use?

It feels great! It is so nice, no longer having khổng lồ worry about a cord. I want lớn không tính phí myself from cores và wires! Someday in the future technology will get there (maybe).

But for now, I buy what I can, and a wireless controller was an easy choice.

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The buttons are a phối of PlayStation và Xbox. You can use the controller for any game that supports these controllers.

Most games detect the controller as an Xbox controller. The games often show button prompts for Xbox controllers.

The Issues I Have sầu With the Controllers

Not Supported 100% on Linux

First, not all games detect this controller for some reason. This is a Linux related issue. For some games, I had to vày some tweaking lớn get the controller khổng lồ work.

For some games, I had to lớn download and run the Windows versions with Steam Proton. For some games, I had lớn turn on the Steam controller settings khổng lồ get it lớn work.

Odd Wireless Connection Issues

Also, it turns out ditching cords has a cost. The wireless connection works well for the most part. But if anything even so slightly interrupts that connection, things go haywire.

Nothing annoys me more than dying in a video game because my character randomly decided lớn go left instead of right. It looks funny, but it feels very frustrating.

Thankfully this issue does not happen too often. I found what helps is lớn have sầu the USB connector on the supplied cord & to put it as cthua thảm as possible.

The Batteries Will Die

Also, while this won’t happen lớn often keep in mind your battery life. I had the same pair of batteries for years, và they finally decided lớn die on me.

This happened while fighting a trùm in a game, of course. What better time could there be for controller failure?

I recommend using rechargeable AA batteries, but I suppose any AAA battery will not cost too much money these days.

I take out the batteries when I put the receiver back into the controller. This is so the controller won't accidentally turn on.

The Controller Compared lớn Other Modern Controllers

Logitech F310 Wired Controller

The Logitech F310 is the same controller as the Logitech F710 but with a cord. There are no odd wireless and battery issues. Also, the controller is cheaper.

I have also written a đánh giá of this controller. You can read it here.

PlayStation Dualshoông chồng Controllers

The controller looks like a PlayStation 3 Dualshoông xã controller.

If you already have a Dualshoông xã controller, you might as well keep on using it. The Logitech F710 is the cheaper controller.

The Xbox One Controller

The Xbox One controller has joysticks in different places. I like the placement of the Logitech F710 better.

But the Xbox One controller is good and works great with most games. The controller costs more money, though.

This is the Logitech F310 wired controller.

My controller

Do I Recommended the Logitech F710?

I vị recommover the Logitech F710. While it does sometimes have odd wireless issues, they vày not bug me enough khổng lồ not want to use the controller.

I also have some odd Linux related issues. But these won’t affect most people.

If you want to save sầu money, the Logitech F310 is a good option.

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Eric Farmer
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