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Im pretty sure that we will be seeing Gomez for few months, he is really solid centre back! Hes quite expensive, but i guess he can go even higher. For 100k we got amazing player who can easly catch aubameyang or wener. GO FOR HIM

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First of all, what a beast! I have played with Gomez for around 150 games now & he´s just so fckin good! I have sầu played hyên ổn in a 442 formation along side davinson sanchez, lucas Hernandez & diego Carlos, and he has proven khổng lồ be an absolute beast. He bullies the attackers with his strength and he can keep up with nearly all the fast strikers. In addition his AI blocking is broken. He is lượt thích a magnet lớn all the opposition shots I vì have to say I used hyên with a shadow, và with pace being the absolute meta i would recommover it lớn everybody. I only find one con with hyên, và that is his ball control. He is a good passer, but he will feel stiff và clunky on the ball which have sầu lead lớn goals. But, I am a div 2 player & he fits perfect to lớn anyone team.

Its lượt thích if he doesn"t need a reason to lớn take the ball from the attacker. If you are the attacker & have the ball, sorry but Joe Gomez is going khổng lồ steal it. Very fast và very assuring.

None! He is a little bulky sometimes but don"t keep the ball with hlặng, pass it.

Probably the price at the start of the game.

He has been a game changer as before i bought him i was getting out paced everytime but now i have sầu a centre half who can keep up with all the strikers. i absoulutly love sầu using hi and i hope i can keep using hyên ổn in the future.

so ive sầu used joe gomez for around 1 weekkết thúc league & 20 div rivals games in div 2. he has saved me so many times from conceding goals from counter attacks and corners.


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