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Highly Recommended awardSony"s WX350 packs a 20x optical zoom into lớn a surprisingly compact toàn thân - indeed Sony claims it"s the World"s smallest và lighkiểm tra with this optical range and I can"t think of anything to dispute that. It sports an 18 Megapx sensor, 1080 / 50p / 60p movies, built-in Wifi with NFC và 10fps continuous shooting, making it pretty capable for the price. Sure, it"s basic in terms of manual control, but Sony"s ticked the right boxes for the target audience.Buy it now!Cheông xã prices at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, eBay or Wex. Alternatively get yourself a copy of my In Camera book or treat me lớn a coffee! Thanks!
Sony Cyber-shot WX350 review7th June 2014



The Sony WX350 is a compact super-zoom with a 20x optical range, 3 inch 460k dot LCD screen and an 18.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor. So far, so ordinary you might think, but the WX350 fits all of that and more into lớn a very, very compact toàn thân – indeed, according lớn Sony it’s the world’s smallest & lighchạy thử compact camera with a 20x optical zoom. What’s more Sony has managed lớn squeeze in Wifi with NFC for initiating wireless connection by physically tapping it aganst another NFC-capable device. The new Model replaces 2013’s WX300, which at the time of its release was itself the world’s smallest và lighkiểm tra compact camera with a 20x optical zoom.

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The WX350 is a point-and-shoot compact, it has a Program Auto mode and two fully automatic modes, though lacks ASM exposure modes and advanced features like exposure bracketing. But it’s packed with features designed lớn appeal khổng lồ casual snappers, so includes Sony’s Creative controls, Picture Effects, smile/face detection, tự động object framing, motion shot video, and, of course, sweep panorama.

The WX350 can shoot 1080p50 /60 HD đoạn phim and can shoot continuously at 10fps. As well as being incredibly compact it has a modest price tag to match. Here I’ve compared và tested it against the model likely to be its biggest competitor, the Canon PowerShot SX600 HS. Read on to lớn discover which of these two models provides the best phối of features in an ultra compact super-zoom .

Sony WX350 kiến thiết và controls

If first impressions count for anything in the world of digital cameras, the Sony WX350 makes a very positive one. It is amazingly compact & it looks beautiful. But it’s the kích thước that really takes your breath away. The physical dimensions – 96x55x26mm and 164g in weight – don’t really convey the impact of its miniature dimensions when you see it và hold it in your hvà. Apart from the depth, it’s smaller than most phones. On its bachồng it has a smaller footprint than my iPhone 4S – a small phone by today’s standards. The WX350 feels lượt thích the word pocketable was invented for it.

The design is simple và elegant. Viewed from the top it’s a slyên ổn round-cornered rectangle. The lens bezel extends by a few millimetres from the front panel, to the right of it (as you hold the camera) is the silver Sony name badge, the small window of the built-in flash and the AF illuminator. There’s a vertical ridge running the full height of the body a few millimetres from the right edge, it looks nice, but doesn’t really provide any practical help to lớn grip the WX350 – it’s too close khổng lồ the edge and the fingers of my quite small hand extended well beyond it. That said, the WX350 isn’t hard khổng lồ keep a hold of.

The Canon PowerShot SX600 HS isn’t a large compact by any standards – except of course those newly defined by the Sony WX350. It measures 104x61x26milimet and weighs 188g. Neither is the PowerShot SX600 HS an unattractive sầu looking compact, but side by side with the WX350 HS it looks lượt thích its bigger, older, slightly gaubít brother.

The WX350’s top panel is a flat plate with two small openings for the stereo mics. The small flush mounted on/off button is the same colour as the camera, but the top quarter section is an LED charge indicator light, which a nice kiến thiết touch. To the right of it is the shutter release which looks massive, but at least there’s no missing it, then lớn the right of that a mode dial with the two tự động hóa positions, Program Aukhổng lồ, Scông nhân, movie and iSweep panorama.

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Most of the rear panel is occupied by the 3 inch 460k dot LCD screen. It’s bright và detailed và, aside from being a little on the cool side colour-wise, I had no complaints. Well, just one actually, it’s very difficult khổng lồ see in bright sunlight. Now while that’s a criticism you could level against any screen, I had a lot less trouble with the PowerShot SX600 HS’s screen outdoors in bright light. The top position on the control dial toggles display overlays, providing detailed info, brief info, & a live histogram view. You can also display a grid, but to lớn bởi vì that you have sầu to access the custom settings thực đơn.

Despite the fact that they’re confined lớn a narrow strip khổng lồ the right of the screen, the controls don’t feel cramped, but the buttons are quite small, so if you have sầu big digits, you’re going lớn find the WX350 a challenge. The control dial is easily manageable though as it’s raised and sits on a disc-shaped extension to the main body, another neat kiến thiết touch. There are three buttons arranged around it for playback, thực đơn and delete, & the last of these also accesses the help system in shooting modes.

On the top left corner of the rear panel, conveniently situated for thumb operation is the movie button. Once again, the thiết kế of this has been carefully considered & it’s flush mounted in a dished recess, making it easy to lớn operate when you want to, but not by accident.

The WX350 takes an NP-BX1 battery which provides enough power for 470 shots on a full charge. That’s good going by ultra-compact standards & enough lớn see most casual shooters through a full day. It certainly compares pretty favourably with the Powershot SX600 HS which delivers a pretty meagre 290 shots. In Eco mode you can stretch that lớn 430 shots, but you’ll have sầu khổng lồ put up with the screen that dims after a couple of seconds and turns off after 10.

The WX350’s battery is accessed via a door in the base khổng lồ a compartment that also houses the memory thẻ – as with all Sony compacts you have a choice of SD cards or Memory Stiông xã. The other thing you’ll notice on the base is a mini HDXiaoMi MI port for connecting to an HD TV. The USB port is located under a flap on the camera’s right side.

Sony WX350 lens and stabilisation

The Sony WX350 retains the same 20x optical range of its predecessor the WX300. It has 35milimet equivalent focal range of 25-500mm with optical SteadyShot stabilisation. It’s a little longer than the 18x zoom on the PowerShot SX600 HS và all the extra reach is at the telephoto lớn end, so the SX600 HS starts at the same 25mm wide angle but stops short at 450mm. The difference isn’t huge, và the SX600 HS is bigger and heavier, so the WX350 lets you have your cake & eat it – a longer zoom in a smaller, lighter toàn thân. The WX350’s lens is also a little brighter than the PowerShot SX600 HS’s at f3.5-6.5 compared with f3.8-6.9 on the SX600 HS; it’s a fairly negligible difference though.

The 25-500mm range isn’t huge by todays standards, but a bigger zoom will inevitably involve sầu a compromise in size. If you’re looking for a longer telephoto from a relatively pocket model, Sony’s HX60 / HX60V packs a 30x zoom, but is a bigger (though still just about pocket-sized) more advanced mã sản phẩm with a higher price tag. Likewise the PowerShotSX700 HS extends lớn 750mm but is again bigger và more expensive sầu.