Avada Theme is the number 1 selling WordPress theme on ThemeForest which is quite impressive. Avada has been around for over 5 years and is more of a swiss army knife type of theme.

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If you have used other themes before, none of that will help you with Avada. They bởi everything their way, a different way. All new learning curve.


It’s an ok value if you need only 1 website. But it becomes the highest priced solution once you need more than 1 site or you need support past 6 months at $80 per year per site.


Because it’s sold on ThemeForest, you only get 6 months of support and then you have to pay $80 per year per site. Should be the industry standard 1 year of support.

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Avada Theme Pros

Includes A Front over Page Builder Since v6Can Adjust Theme Settings From The Page Builder38 Demos lớn Get You StartedHundreds Of Theme OptionsWooCommerce Integraton

Avada Theme Cons

Expensive Because Pricing Is Per SiteOnly 6 Months Of support Is Included, Then $80 Per Year Per SiteTheme & Page Builder Lock InTheme Bloat Tries To bởi vì EverythingShortcode Based lượt thích Visual Composer

If you are deciding on whether or not khổng lồ use Avada for your website, first I want you to lớn know that you can make a trang web with it, but how much time that will take & the learning curve you will have lớn go through are the issues here.

Their Fusion Page Builder has content lock-in because it"s shortcode based. This means Avada for life, if you want khổng lồ make a change khổng lồ a different theme in the future, you have lớn start from scratch. This is why I don"t lượt thích to recommend using a page builder that is tied khổng lồ a theme.

Avada has been referred lớn as a slow bloated theme. You have to remember with websites, less is more. With Avada you get more, a ton of stuff that you don"t want & will never need, this is the bloat that people refer to. It"s not good for the user to lớn have all that stuff in a theme that slows down the WordPress backend & locks you in further into the theme.

Cost should also be a consideration. It is currently $60 PER WEBSITE! Most themes allow unlimited installations for around the same cost or less.

Also, you only get 6 months of tư vấn and then it"s over $80 per year per site if you run into any issues. I"m not complaining about the cost, but I vị think it is something lớn consider.

Avada, like all themes sold on ThemeForest, is filled with hidden costs. While there are many amazing themes available for the same price và allow you unlimited installs and 1 year of support, Avada is $60 PER SITE with 6 months of tư vấn and an additional $80 per year PER SITE for additional support. This is not really Avada’s fault as much as it is the rules of ThemeForest but it is important to lớn consider.

Even with Avada 6’s new front end page builder & theme settings, I don’t find it as easy or intuitive as the market-leading page builders on the market that are already established & have 3rd tiệc ngọt ecosystems.

The front end Fusion builder lacks theme building features found in Beaver Builder, Divi 4, và Elementor.

Expect a learning curve because Avada does everything their way vs the WordPress way with theme settings in the customizer.

At the kết thúc of the day though, you can build a nice site with Avada, but it’s important to lớn look at all your options.