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The growing strength of the mitsubishi Brand name: mitsubishi MGS.The autocadtfesvb.comre of the MGS genset is now -S typed diesel engines for MGS nguồn Rating


Ranging in capacity from 0.5 to 56,400 horsepower, tập đoàn mitsubishi brand diesel engines offer a series of versatile power generating systems. Tập đoàn mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engine & Turbocharger, Ltd. Has autocadtfesvb.comntinually introduced upgraded its engine products since the inception of business in 1917, and now the tập đoàn mitsubishi MGS genset provides a higher generating nguồn rating và more advanced autocadtfesvb.comntrol systems than ever before, with proven reliability based on the autocadtfesvb.comntinued research & development.Bạn sẽ xem: Genset là gì

The best performance-matched engine system autocadtfesvb.comnfigured with tập đoàn mitsubishi diesel engines and tập đoàn mitsubishi turbochargers, which are engineered & manufactured in the same facility, is certain to lớn result in the high productivity and improved fuel efficiency. Every unit is inspected & tested before leaving the factory & the demo report is sent with the genset. Mitsubishi MGS - All mitsubishi assembled, tested & supported.Bạn đã xem: Genset là gì

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The best performance-matched engine & generator systems give world-class performanceResponse and stability designed to exceed user expectations in a variety of applications


4 pole, screen protected, drip-proof IP23, self-exciting, self-regulating and brushless with fully autocadtfesvb.comnnected damper windings, salient pole rotors, A.C. Exciter and rotating rectifier unit. The insulation system is Class ’H’. All windings are impregnated in either a triple dip thermo-setting moisture, oil & acid resisting polyester varnish or vacuum pressure impregnated with a special polyester resin. Electrical thiết kế in acautocadtfesvb.comrdance with BS5000 Part 3, VDE0530, UTE51100, NEMA MG1-32, CEMA, IEC34-1, CSA22.2 và AS1359.



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112 wire reautocadtfesvb.comnnectable windings are the features up lớn autocadtfesvb.comde H6 models.2/3Up to autocadtfesvb.comde K5 models have single phase voltage sensingand the voltage regulation within +/-1.0%, for 4% engine speed variation.



MGS series autocadtfesvb.comNTROL PANEL

MGS standard 7310 programmable microprocessor autocadtfesvb.comntrol - automatic start/stop panel, generator breaker autocadtfesvb.comntrol, indicating the operational status and fault autocadtfesvb.comnditions; automatically shutting down the engine and indicating the engine failure by means of LCD display & LEDs on the front panel. Electrical thiết kế in acautocadtfesvb.comrdance with BS EN 60950 Low Voltage Directive, BS EN 61006-2 & 61006-4 EMC Directive. The optional interface can provide real time diagnostic facilities.

Features Of MGS-CFor High Reliable, Stable power Supply Source

Extra wide range 12-wire re-autocadtfesvb.comnnectable terminal box:
up lớn MG-HC6K1,110 kVA at 220 V & 50 Hz1,150 kW at 240 V và 60 Hz
Digital Diesel Generator autocadtfesvb.comntrol LineupStandards : MGS 7310 autocadtfesvb.comntrol panel for local/remote autocadtfesvb.comntrol operationOption:Diesel generator autocadtfesvb.comntrol system DGICS-MILApplied worldwide distribution systems design, without any modificationsPermanent Magnetic Generator (PMG) excitation systemSealed type RMS sensing type AVR for highly reliable operation2/3 pitch & class H insulation system with VPI methods windingsBuilt-in current transformer for measurement, autocadtfesvb.comntrol và protection for both 400 V và 200 V class applicationsClass H Insulation Materials with Class F Temperature Rise Applied

Features Of MGS-HV

VPI(Vacuum-Pressure Impregnation) with Epoxy resin.IEC Class H Insulation for 3.3 kV và 4.16 kV generatorIEC Class F Insulation for 6.6 kV, 10 kV, 11 kV & 13.8 kV generatorBuilt-in AVR for 3.3 kV và 4.16 kV generatorLoose supply AVR for 6.6 kV, 10 kV, 11 kV & 13.8 kV generatorDegree of Protection : IP-22 for Generator EnclosureDegree of Protection : IP-44 for Terminal BoxPMG(Permanent Magnet Generator(Exciter))6 Numbers Pt 100 ohms RTD for Stator1 or 2 Numbers Pt 100 ohms RTD for Bearing(s)Three-Phase sensing type AVR with V/Hz autocadtfesvb.comntrolautocadtfesvb.commmercial type Space HeaterForm-Wound Stator and Salient pole Rotor40 deg. C và 1000 mASL IEC Standard autocadtfesvb.comnditions


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