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I’m an average person who likes to listen to music. I’ve heard songs through many different kinds of earphones và headphones over the years. Usually I prefer earphones to lớn headphones while travelling, so I carry them around most of the time. So I got these JBL J22s recently và thought I’d review them. These pairs come in two màu sắc choices – the first being black, & the second being white. I got the white ones because I found them visually appealing. Not to lớn mention they didn’t have any đen ones left.

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JBL has two version of these earphones. One is J22 và the other is J22i. The only difference between them is that the J22i has volume control và a mic, plus they come in at 60$, making them a whole 20$ more expensive than the stock J22. I got the J22 because I don’t usually talk on phones, let alone talking via a headset. So are these worth the 40$ price tag? Let’s find out!



Stylish kiến thiết – From sandblasted metal alloy housing rims and tinted silicone sleeves to speaker mesh accents and metallic JBL logosHigh-performance JBL drivers3 sizes of silicone sleeves – Small, medium & largeFlat elastomer cables & rubber sliderRugged strain relief – secure connection between housings and cables for durability & a gold-plated jackCarry pouch


As I unboxed these pair of earphones, I was greeted with the earphones housed in plastic, a carrying pouch that seemed too small for them lớn fit in, and the extra silicone ear buds just in case the medium sized ones don’t fit you well. Now, for a 40$ price tag these earphones have a great build quality. They’re housed in metal with a metallic JBL logo and an overall clean design. But it does địa chỉ cửa hàng to the weight of them. They have flat tangle-free cables which is a nice và useful thing lớn have.

As soon as I got these out, I tried to lớn put them in the leather case. I know, but it seemed like they wouldn’t fit in at all. But after a few tries I got the hold of it, and once you become used khổng lồ it, it won’t be any problem fitting them in. But, a bigger carry pouch wouldn’t hurt. Talking about the carry pouch, it is made up of a soft material & has a leather-texture to lớn it. Then there were these ear buds, of course. The middle sized fit me the best.


First off, I’m no music expert. So I’m judging these comparing them lớn similar-priced accessories and I also took some people’s opinions just lớn make sure I was not off target.

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For a 40$ price tag, you would not expect much here, but that is wrong. These earphones sounded good. When I compared these to lớn simlar-priced skull candies, you could easily tell that JBL was the better one. The bass is great, but the highs và lows aren’t the best out there. First up, I tried some of Linkin Park’s alternative genre. I could hear everything clearly, and the voice was deep. I cranked up the volume to max, và it got just a bit distorted. The bass, however didn’t tend khổng lồ distort at all.

Second, I went for some bass-powered music as I thought it’d sound great, and it did. Again, it doesn’t distort at high sound levels. But usually I don’t ever go above the recommended level on my phone or the PC. Then I went for some Dubstep. Dubstep sounded the best of all the others I tried. It just packed a better punch. As for the other genres, it was pretty same, with good deep sound, clear bass. There was a lack of crisp sound và highs here & there, but not too much.


On tracks with some great bass, they don’t tend to lớn distort – even at the max volume setting. JBL does boast about the bass you get in these pairs – và they’re pretty right. The bass is great. They bởi vì lack the crisp sounds. These have a great design factor. If you’re a bass-lover, don’t miss out on these! If you don’t like these, you could check on these same priced earphones that Cliff reviewed last month.