Level Out Là Gì

level out

To add to or subtract from the surface of something in order to make it level or smooth.

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A noun or pronoun can be used between "level" and "out." The timber was a bit uneven where they had cut it with the hand saw, so I leveled it out with my power sander. He kept adding soil to try to level out the area in front of the house, but the whole is just a mess now.See also: level, out

level something out

to cause something to assume a more level course or path. Level this path out before you open it to the public. They have to level out this roadway.See also: level, out

level out

to assume a more level course or path. The road leveled out after a while and driving was easier. As we got down into the valley, the land leveled out and traveling was easier.See also: level, outSee also:

level off|level|level out


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1. To make flat or level. The steamroller leveled out the gravel roadbed and then the concrete was poured. 2. To move on an even level. The airplane leveled out at 2,000 feet. After going up for six months, the cost of living leveled off in September.

level out

1.move horizontally(after climbing); remain steady(上升后)水平飞行;达到平衡We climbed steeply after takeoff,and levelled out at 25,000 feet.我们起飞后就急剧上升,到达2万5千英尺时才水平飞行。2.remove by means of a lever 用杠杆移动He levelled the stone out.他用杠杆挪动那块石头。They have tried to level him out of his powerful position.他们试图把他从有权力的职务上拉下来。3.lift out 抬起He levelled himself out of the chair.他从椅子上站起来。
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