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DAKOTA COUNTY HERALD! DAKOTA CITT, NEBRASKA-4,tVUs,'fcI--VSX!fc.FARM LOANSWe will accept your applications for closing up khổng lồ Mnrch first, 10trăng tròn.We loan in Iowa, Minnesota, East half of Nebraska and East of the Jame3River in South Dakota, twenty và thirty-three year" loons Federal plan,also five and ten year plans, interest rates BJ khổng lồ 6 per cent. Make yourwants known, we are Bt your service.We invite you in all branches of banking, checking accounts, time dpposltst loans money, foreign drafts, steamship tickets, clerks sales (watchour future sale advs.)The Mid -West State BankUnder Stnte Suncrrislon.Sioux City, Iowa.HOMES - FARMS - ACREAGEWo pay cash sell on easy terms. V"See us FIRST" --it PAYS.Make your money make you 6 per cent, feol safe BE safe"SMILE ALSO." We sell SAFE G per cent Loans pay yourinterest twice a year fun.ish Abstract, & Attorney's Opinion showing perfect title.NOT A PENNY'S LOSSIN 33 yrs loaning thus". (These are loanswe made ourselves our money in them.)Farm và City Loans GOOD Insurance.619 Davidson Bldg. ED. T. KEARNEY, President.Phone No. 400G Federal Finance Co.ITHE HOTELBARSTOWFourth & A StreetsSAN DIEGO, CAL.100 Modern Rooms $1.00 UpEuropean Plan.All Rooms Steam Heated.The Hotel Barstow has beenentirely refitted, và is particularly popular with ladiesvà families. Special- rateslớn permanent guests.The Lvà of Sunshine& HosesLUMBERMILLWORK & rorml building nttoiltl25 OR MORE SAVINGt you. Dont ti tontMcr bujlnf uUa yon hT mlM compliU Hit or ht tou need nd bTour wtlmMkv return mall, W Wp ulm a4jX tlM f ralfM.fA'fRS LUMBER CO.2580 ROYI) STREET OMAHA, NEB.ADVERTISERSif Are In GoodCompany HereTit Cfll tfS AT HOME EXPECT YOUIRC rULfta -jo TELL 'EM ALL ABOUT"SMAHVSFWt iOjrm&TitL visitCEUTBE," THE JXJffC itExhilarating Burlesque; Vaudevilleltllilitt riltad tltfe Prtttr Olrlt. FaiorCluat, BtrfMWEqalaagt, Irlllliat Scaale EiilroamutUIIES' MME MATINEE EVERY WEEKIAYEverybody toàn thân Goat; Ask Anytoàn thân .UW1YS TBC tmtil AM BEST SMff VEST W CWCUfCatarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Curedby autocadtfesvb.comal applications, a they cannot reachthe dlieaicd portion of the ear. There laonly one way lớn cure catarrhal ieafneif,và that la by a constitutional remedy.Catarrhal Deafneaa la earned by an inflamed condition of the mucoua llnlnc ofthe Eustachian Tube. When thua' tube laInflamed you have sầu, a rumbllnt souid or imperfect hearlnr. and when it la entirelycloied. Deafness is the result Unless theInflammation can be reduced and thla tuberestored lớn its normal condition, hearing;will be destroyed forever. Many cases otdeafness are caused by catarrh, which laan Inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Medicine act thruthe blood on the mucous surfaces of thesystemWe Will s-lve Ono Hundred Dollars forany case of Catarrhal Deafness that cannotbe cured by Hall's Catarrh Medicine, QlrCUlars không tính tiền, All DrugR-lsts, 15c.y, j. cnENEy & cor. Tolevày, o,LET US PRINT IT FOR YOUlU!lllll!IIi;iil!!liiiili!U- GREETINGSTO OUR FRIENDS OF DAKOTA CITY ANDCOMMUNITY. WE WISH YOU A BRIMMING1920-FUL OF SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS.i.USE THE SERVICES OF THIS BANK ASMUCH AS YOU CAN. IF YOU CAME IN OFTEN IN 1919, COME IN OFTENER IN 19trăng tròn. IFYOU DIDN'T COME JN AT ALL', WE HOPETO WELCOME YOU AS A PATRON WHILETHE NEW YEAR IS STILL YOUNG.YOURS FOR A PROSPEROUS 19đôi mươi.Bank of Dakota CityDakota City, Nebraska.IVIautocadtfesvb.comAL NEWS ITEMSTHURSDAY, JANUARY 1, 1920Happy Now Year!G. A. Herrlông xã of Waterbury, Nebr.,was a business visitor here last Friday. John Critz, of Omadi precinct, wastransacting business here and in SiouxCity Monday.Mrs. Martha Snyder has moved inlớn the old Schmied residence in theeast part of town.Mr. and Mrs. Burt Butterfleld, ofSioux City, were Christmas visitorshere in the W. P. Warnervtrang chủ. ,The Ladies VMd society of the m.E. church will meet Friday afternOo.iof this week with Mrs. W. P.. Warner.S. A. Heikes removed the outbuildings from the Kinkel place, recentlypurchased by him, to his farm Saturday. Mrs. Belle Bnrnett went khổng lồ Plain-view, Nebr., Friday evening lớn spendomain authority few days with her daughter, Mrs.Helen Chesshir, & family.J. Pw Beacom is advertising a Durocsow sale, lớn be held at Hubbard, Neb.,February 14, 19đôi mươi. Mr. Beacom hasa fine bunch -of Duorcs to sell at this,time.The Lincoln Tribune has been purchased by FiJank A. Harrison, a veteran newspaper man, who will run itas a s'trictly republican jpaper "100per cent" ''American.-'? X1 jThe board of county commissionedmet Monday in an adjourned session.Nothing of Importance was up befoie.,the board at this meeting. Their"next regular Session will be heldJanuary 13, 19đôi mươi.Henry W, Lahrs, wife & babywent tb Sac City, Iowa Saturday andvisited over Sunday with relatives ofMrs. Lahrs, returning Monday evening. They report that quite a snowfell at Sac City and vicinity duringtheir visit. .Fridav fivenJnc-. .Tnrmnri 9nA PVn.est J, Powell will deliver a lectureat Homefi-under the auspices of theHomer Lyceum uourse. Mr. .Powellaimeared at Homer last vanr nnri wncso well liked that he was requestedlớn fill one number of the course thisyear. The admission to this lecturehas been reduced from 50 cents to35 cents an admission.A Leap Year dance is announcedfor Friday evening, January 9, 1920,in the Ayres hall, Dakota City. Thiswill bo the first opportunity for theeligible young bachelor khổng lồ meet hisfate for a number of years, and itmay be his lost. Darktown's Jusjorchestra has been secured for theoccasion, và all are welcome lớn attkết thúc và enjoy the music and nhảy đầm.United States Department of Agriculture circular 40, "How to makea Hog Crate," glveil general directions for making a crate. A specialfeature of the crate described is thaithe side slats are nailed on the outside, giving two inches more room.Another feature Is the endwise boa.dlớn cthất bại the front. Tho circularmay be obtained froo from the College of Agriculture, Lincoln.IMIUIIilAnyone wanting draying done, callWill Sanford, nt "tho depot, phonoNo. 3.George H. Haase and family andFrank F. Hnnso of Emerson, woieChristmas visitors with the homofolks.Thoro will be a regular meeting ofOinuai loage No. 5, A. F. & A. M., onSaturday evening of this week, January 3rd.Miss Lola, Francisco of Royal, Neb.,was a visitor horo with relatives andfriends last week, returning homoSaturday. ,Daughters Were born to Mr. andMrs. B. C. Fordyce and Mr. và Mrs.F. M. Cheok, of South Sioux City,December 22nd.Harold M. -Smith & Lulu, O. Nelson, both of Huwarden, Iowa, weremarried by Rev. S, A. Draiso on Frjday of last week.Mr. và Mrs. Fred Lecdom returned Monday from a week's visit atGarvin, Minn., with their son, JackLcedom and family. ;.D. Van do Zcddo returned lastWednesday evening from a severalweeks visit at Omaha with his, daughter, Mrs. A. W. Lang.W. H. Crawford, 22, of SiouxCtty,and Mario Blount, 17, of South SiouxCity, were granted a license to wedin Sioux City last Thursday.Miss Florence Atwood, county homodemonstration agent, returned onSunday from a Christmas vLsit ather trang chủ in Beaver City, Neb.A son, Robert" Franklin, was bornlớn Mr. và Mrs. J. Frank Hill, ofIowa Falls, la., December 21. PnpaHill is a son of Mr. and Mr., Iij.vyHill of Allen, former residents ofDakota City.County Judge S. W. McKinley officiated at the following weddings during the past wfcek: Raymond VBettis & Mildred E. Letner, bothtf.h-4? w 2 ar aVa , 41 fa-) Mr T la T .sen and Cora Isorl, both of Httrtly,Iowa, on the 26th.Miss Helen Rix, daughter of Mis.Lettie Hampton, of Fullerton, Neb.,formerly residing in this place, is seriously ill at her homo with scarletfever và pneumonia. Her manyfriends & acquaintances here hopefor her recovery.Prof. William Schriever arrivedtrang chính last Thursday from Normal.,Pkla., where he is assistant professorin the state university of Oklahoma,& spent the week with homo folksHe likes his wofik in the universityafthed3 o? bschoolZSat the kết thúc of the school year andfinish his dtegrce.Andrew H. -Anderson was electedlớn membership on tho board of d!-rectors of the Dakota County FormBureau at a recent meeting in Sum-mit precinct to fill the .vacancy madeby the remoyal of Martin Hogh fromthe county. Mr. Hogh, who has beemãng cầu thành viên of tho board for 'tho pastfour or five years, has taken up hisresidence in Sjoux City.Sergeant Robert W. Frey, of theSioux City recruiting station, was apleasant caller at the Herald officelast Friday. Sergt. Freyo servewith the 1st division, Sixteenth in-fantry overseas. Ho informed usthat since Marcn 1st over 152,000 en-listments have sầu been received in ,thoarmy, embracing. all branches whichinclude trade schools, signal corps,etc., all of which are still open forenlistments. For information asf toenlistments, appiy at aiz ivieurasKa. "i- " ouuuhuui tiiu juiBsuun riystreet, Army Recruiting Station, er y process of erosion during theCttitv af!T-v Viflt.1fUR OYPftnt' crilrl cmrnn nriAoSioux City.FOB SALEA few good high-gravị Shorthorncows; also young Shorthorn bulls.G. A. HBRRICK, Waterbury, Neb.MATRIMONIAL VENTURES;Tho following marriago licenseswero issued by County Judge McKinley during tho past week:Name và Address.

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Age.Raymond W. Bettis, Sioux City, Ia.19Mildred E. Letner, Sioux City, la. .17'Harold M. Smith. HawardenT la. . .21liulu O. Nelson, Hawarden, Ia.,.f.2JJohn Nisson, Hartly, la 32Cora Iserl, Hartly, la 38FOR SALEPoland Đài Loan Trung Quốc boar pigs.Don Forbes, Dakota City, Nab.Texiins Buj Ing Nebraska Hogsbred hogs recently wero shipped toTovna ti, ,.,. .,un,i i.istate early in December by renre -sentatives of the Texas college ofagriculture, chambers of agriculture,chambers of commerce and banks ofTexas. Two hundred và fifty cjol-LK ?. "2" ' -verafliuiui us ihkii lis i,uu wore oiicrccifor ono anima). Encouraged by alain nnrn rn 4n muflinHH ni s -.big corn crop, the southern state inputting forth a big effort to lớn pro-mote the breeding of better ondmore hogs. Tho buying of highclass northern stoông xã Is- urged andbankers & other monoyed Interestare lending help to lớn farmers.TOR BALDA pair of cutter-bobs.Orr, Dakota City, Nobr.Will H.SAVE A IT'JLLAR.On Account of tho tremendous increase in tho cost of ponor The Lincoin Stato lớn Journal will bo compolhuDn,,,y eJ.nrdn luntiny; c?4 for th. "IV'.'ynillV- Si! r.n fni- till. Plirwlnt. nn it TimJournal is tho largest paper In th.state and prints more reading mattermm nnv nrnnr MnlinaWi nnnni. T!.than any other, Nebraska naner. TheAssociated press và the exclusivencuruanu ubu ot uiu vllicnt0 ITIDUni)leased wire service, together with unequaled features, make it NEBRASKA'S GREAT MORNING NEWSPA-PER. Nino-tenth of the peonlo ofthn Bl-nti. Pun l.n Imll.. ...,! i.ri,Journal than any other paper; TryIt tho coming year, but sover in M.Mif you wat to lớn save sầu a dollar,,, 4 ouuok.iijjLiuii j,nto lớn . iiennan Hunt,dollar. Ono year's subscription with- Albert Llschkein COO miles will bo taken for a slnrt Joe Ebel, laborlime au ine oiu rate of so for tho KroilM. E. Church Notes ,Kov, S. A, Drnise, PastorTho Christmas program wa3 asplendid success, Not only was itinteresting và entertaining, it wasalso educative sầu, It brought lớn themind of tho children tho real moaning of Christmas. The pictures worea beautiful demonstration of the Bible tài khoản of tho "Very First Christmas." Tho story is nearly two thous& years old, but is still the most'interesting story in tho world. Morepeople hear it every year as thoyears multiply. And now wo n.eapproaching tho Now Year. Whatwill it bring lớn our lives? What ofjoy, what of sorrow? Wo are allaliko when wo look for the answer.And yet wo aro not in darkness asto lớn tho answer, because it is largelyin our lives khổng lồ make. There aropossessions which fno ono can takofrom us. Thcro aro joys which aroours, & no ono. can appropriate,Tho New Year will bring lớn us in accord with our ikhuyến mãi of life. Tho secret of gladness is with truth, andright, and God. Ho who covets thobest of lifo will have heaven begun.What are lớn bo our "Resolutions" for1920? Mnko them & keep them.Renew thoni every day và gatherstrength.We are glad khổng lồ announce that boginning with next Sunday at 7:30and continuing during tho wintermonths we will have an evening service. Tho services will bo plannedwith tho young peoplo in mind, butrio doubt will bo Interesting khổng lồ everyono who comes. . ,v Our Sunday school last Sunday hadsome holes In It.' Several sichồng andsomo tired. And others were awayspending vacation with friends.Next Sunday we hopo everybody toàn thân willbq baông chồng in lino & bo ready to starttho honor roll for I "trăng tròn. Bring somoone. We had foui new scholars lastSiinday. Keep it Up.OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGSOPhường THE BOARD OECO. COMMISSIONERSDakota City. Nob.. Dec. 22. 1919.Tho board of county commissionersmot pursuant to adjournment withj "1" ,0W,"F .memoera present: u.fisher, chairman John Feller andYjl,i'n ": 5 J ' , w0 ? ?''s MRp W. Leamor, county attor-"" "l foBnf busl-rt0s3 wa3 trnnsnctc(( to-wlt. Com&9 now John MulhnH ftnd naksthat tho southeast quarter of thonorthwjest quarter (SE4 of, NWW)section twenty-nine (29), townshiptwenty-eight (28), range nino (9);also that tho northwest quarter ofthe northwest quarter (NW4 NW&)of section twenty-nine (29)y townshiptwenty-eight (28), rango nine (9),ond tho southwest quarter of tho&outhwest quarter (SWU of SW)4)section twenty-nine (29), townshiptwenty-eight (28), range nino (9), bo.stricken from tho tax danh sách for thoJr 1919, except a tract of .seven(7) acres autocadtfesvb.comuted in tho southwestquarter of the nbrthwest quarter(SW1 NW'4) of said section, andfurther, that the said sevon acres b5nt assessed to exceed Fifty Dollarsper acre for tho year 1919, for thoreason that tho above sầu described landhas all been washed away & carriedyear ,1916, except said seven acres,After due inquiry tho Board findsthe statements in said petition to lớn bocorrect và unanimously agree andvote to lớn strike said tax fn accordancewith request in said petition of JohnMulhall, và instructs tho CountyClerk khổng lồ strike said tax from tho taxbooks of the year 1919 in accordancetherewith. ,Clalặng of Alfred Jorgenson for refund of tax paid under protyst onpersonal property for tho year 1919in the sum of $3.21, was rejected. 'Claim of Homer Lumber Companyfor refund of tax paid under proteston personal property, receipt No,700, dated Novomber 29, 1919, in thosum of $119.88, protested for tho repson that assessment schedulo showsproperty lớn bo autocadtfesvb.comated wltlihi thoVillage of Homer, whoreas a matterof fact property is autocadtfesvb.comated outslvày ofsaid Village. After duo inquiry theboard finds clayên ổn t6 bo true andCounty Clerk is directed lớn write uwarrant on protest fund In tho sumofIl?0-88 to satisfy said claimills woro allowed as follows', Fom'n. ssioner District No. 1-ilm HI onion, labor ;)U,Y,nond Roam, labor ....... 30 00,, """iBslonor District No- .1-r H'AL0,nis' ftbr SV,S 22. Penry labor 119 00,, o. , , i n iJo Sl1hn' lubor' road d,stANO XI tts. ..,' lj 'ri"'Z"", VRe,?f;f rGrc,eh' lnl)0r' road$ 34 63Hist. No. 4 5 00Chris-Sorensen, labor, roaddlst. No. 14 .... 141 00Kuiuo & Green, labor, roaddist No. 21 7 0CInheritance Tax FundF. M. Beardshoar, labor $ 78 80Renzo & Green, labor 14 10Ronze và Green, labor 9 70' uoaa Dragging FundcWUUam Wllkc, labor $ SCOJohn Noonon. lubor 7 COChris Sorensen. labor CC 60Willium Wllke, labor ",'.'.','.'.', 24 00uan Jiartnett, labor 12 80labor 14 Oi)labor 24 8029 GOTtfnrftlfaritt Inlim Q HtJohn SoK labos ','.'.'.',". 27 COr TI T ' , . . ....Honry Ebel, jr labor 14 1.1icn Lom, in,or Cn 001 ,, , . , -camber đôi mươi, 1019.inmru aujourncu 10 meoi again jc-J. S. llACON, County Clerk.Treijli 3111k L'ohm,I havo for rnilo a number of freshH1K COWS, Coll Ond SCO tllOIU.' J' M HARRY, Jackson, Nob,' : .Tho Herald forNuwa when 11 laNowff.'Stinson'sSpecials for Saturday, Jan. 3FOR THIS DAY ONLY , ''v IAbout trăng tròn. Pair of Overalls, American Dye.. ,'$1.50Round Stpak, per pound ...... 23cWienies,' per pound V. 20cBarrel Cookies, per pound ." .30cTomatoes, Peas & Succotash, per can 15cLife O' Wheat x '2 pW for ,35cOne Sachồng of No. 1 Flour ' .....'... . i$3.753 Cans Sardines .....'..... .'.'.... 25c2 Cans X-lb. God Salmon -. . .35cMatches, per box J . . . ,(lcFresh Fruit và Vegetables of all Kindsfor Saturday's TradeStinson'sDakota City,fiNewMeat MarketWe have opened up a br& new and up-to-date.Meat Market in the building Honth of the CityHotel building. It H our alặng to lớn carry in stocka complete line of .meats of all kinds, whichwill 1)ovho1(1 at a reasonable profit no more;call và get acquainted, and if there- in any- 'thing in the meat line that we vày not have in.stochồng Ave sầu will get it ior you.TODDDAKOTA CITY,Beacom's EUDufoc Sow SaleHubbard, Neb, Feb. 14, 1920. ,I will offer a Wonderful hot of Tried Sown, SpringGilt & Fall Gilts Most of them Bred -khổng lồ the -$1,000.00 Giant Rig Rone,r Boars of the Breed. Thisof Big Typo lMgs. "(Sover for Catalogue)J Phường.. Beacom. OwnerCOL. J. R, THOMPSON, AUCTIONEERE. F. RasmussenAuctioneerPonoa. Nel.' mmWrito or phono mo early fordates, as 1 will soil -nearly every day this season, ' J am Boiling for tho best farmers andstockmen In N,orHhoast Nebraska. I havo somo good farmsand ranches for salo."Yours for business.Nebraskar v"rBROS.: NEBRASKAone of the best Big TypeBoar is a wonderful sireVlmilimet SET M. Hiisiilf ' M"it I-',!lfl"i.lvxb.a Him4(51alMoff' 'Y'mV sxlfAy' a a" in1.4,W-njujMHi-1y. '" "'rt.l- a" .

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