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Another rise in interest rates so soon would risk spreading undue alarm among businesses & consumers.
undue pressure/strain/hardship A council member said the package was the best khuyễn mãi giảm giá the đô thị could offer the company without putting undue strain on the city"s finances.
If everyone can join it, with equal access và no undue ownership, the world will be a much better place.
After doing this for 30 years, nobody"s ever found any credible charge of chicanery or undue influence.
It is both foolish và undignified khổng lồ indulge in undue self-glorification, and, above all, in loose-tongued denunciation of other peoples.
So what if it was a marriage of convenience, as long as he didn"t cross the line in terms of undue influence or exploitation?
The campaign did this lớn spare the candidate và her family "any embarrassment or undue duress," according to lớn the news release.
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to say something in a loud voice, especially in order to lớn attract someone"s attention, or (of animals) to make a loud, high sound, especially to lớn another animal

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