Wps Office Đánh Giá

A full office suite that"s completely miễn phí and genuinely impressive

BySofia Wyciślik-Wilsonlast updated 4 June 20


This suite goes a long way towards proving không tính tiền software can be simply incredible. For day-to-day office needs, and beyond, it has everything.

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This suite goes a long way towards proving không lấy phí software can be simply incredible. For day-to-day office needs, and beyond, it has everything.

WPS Office miễn phí isn"t just an alternative to lớn Microsoft Office – it manages khổng lồ mimic pretty much the entire look and basic set of features. Available completely miễn phí of charge (although there are ads associated with certain features), this office suite comprises a word processor, presentation tool, spreadsheet and more, & is fully compatible with Microsoft document formats.

Download here: WPS Office Free

Developer: Kingsoft Software

Operating system: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android

Version: 10

There"s a lot to like here. The cloud element is a very nice touch, và while 1GB of free storage is nothing to get too excited about, it"s useful for small files like text documents.

Other additions – such as the ability khổng lồ convert PDF files into Word format – give WPS Office không tính phí an edge over other miễn phí office suits, & the incredibly low system requirements mean it"s ideal for installing on even the oldest of Windows PCs.

For anyone who likes the idea of working on the move – và taking advantage of the cloud storage – there are iOS and Android version of the software available, as well as one for Linux. With a raft of supported language, this is an incredible versatile suite.

User experience

If you"ve ever used a recent version of Microsoft Office, WPS Office không tính phí will feel immediately familiar. It employs the same ribbon interface, và all of the most common tools and options are intuitively placed so you won’t spend ages searching for the setting or tool that you need. Performance is swift too, thanks lớn the light system requirements.

Not everyone will be happy with the ads that need to be endured lớn gain timed access to certain features of WPS Office Free, but that"s the only sacrifice you have to make lớn enjoy this otherwise superb software suite.

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The competition

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Sofia lives và breathes Windows, Android, iOS, macOS & just about anything with a nguồn button, but her particular areas of interest include security, tweaking và privacy.

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